German Martin Böhme


I am a research assistant at the Institute of Neuro- and Bioinformatics of the University of Lübeck, Germany. I am part of a research group working on gaze-contingent displays - displays that measure the observer's gaze using an eye-tracker and change dynamically according to the way they are being viewed. We are exploring how gaze-contingent displays can be used to guide an observer's eye movements and improve visual communication.

My homepage at the university is here.


I have contributed two chapters on the Open Source video suite FFmpeg to a (German-language) book on video under Linux, published by OpenSourcePress. You can find the example code here (German page).

At the Linuxtag 2005 expo, I gave a talk (in German) on FFmpeg.

A list of my scholarly publications is here.


Martin Böhme
Engelsgrube 1-17
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